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Les galeries professionnelles d' IMEDIART

Professionnels de l'art.

IMEDIART met à la disposition des professionnels de l'art, artistes, galeristes, marchands, antiquaires etc... un outil qui permet d'exposer des objets d'art mais également de les vendre à prix fixe et/ou aux enchères en temps réel.

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  Art by Derek McCrea

Whimsical impressionistic contemporary fine art lighthouse, flower, barn, plein air landscape, southwestern, seascape, beach, still life, urban, watercolour paintings and pen and ink drawings by watercolor artist Derek McCrea. My blog is at and my website is at
8 Old Glory Way
United States 36856 Ft Mitchell AL

  Art by Scott A. Spencer

Original oil paintings on canvas by Scott Andrew Spencer.
497 E. California Blvd. #217
United States 91106 Pasadena, CA

  Sid Campbell

About Artist /Author/Karate Grandmaster
2019 MacArthur Blvd.
United States 94602 Oakland, CA


This gallery is a showcase of the abstract artworks made by Kari Lynn. Each painting expresses Kari Lynn's emotions and creativity to bring originality and excitement to everyone's homes.
1021 Forest Creek Drive
United States 30115 Canton


Joys Blue Art
2250 Jockey path
United States Az Prescott

  Taylor-Green Studio

The Equine and Wildlife Art of Katherine Taylor-Green. My desire is to give the viewer a glimpse into the animal's personality. So I do up-close and personal. While my primary medium is pastel, I also use oil, watercolor, prismacolor, and graphite.Visit my web site,
1182 Hornbeam Rd.
United States 45169 Sabina, OH

  Abstract Art by Lynne Taetzsch

Abstract art gallery of original contemporary paintings by widely exhibited New York artist Lynne Taetzsch.  WWW.ARTBYLT.COM
3 Snyder Heights
United States NY Ithaca

  Darin Ingalls Fine Art

Outer Realms and Inner Sanctums
2314 Lincoln St NE
United States 55418 Mpls

  Mzamane Studios

We are a entity that offers paintings, craft, functional art and production art of an afroccentric flavor.  we are constantly creating new styles and method of achieving these goals.  from the epic paintings of the artist TVT to the demure yet quaint  doorcheck, MzaStudio offers the client the very best in authentic, original and handcrafted works.
135 washington lane
United States 19095 wyncote

  Noumi Collections

Born in Harlem, Jacqueline Amos has lived in Brooklyn for thirty years. She is a graduate of Medgar Evers College, with Associates in Art and a degree in Early Childhood Education. "
259 eldert street
United States 11207 brooklyn

  Artist Heather J Tait, SIlence Speaks Galerie

"When I first began my artwork back in December of 1997, I had no intentions of being an "artist." I never had any intentions of showing people what I had created. Each piece represented to me a missing link within myself. And for some reason it was perhaps easier to see when it was presented with lines and color. I would understand my struggle or whatever I was dealing with at that moment when the painting was complete. Showing people my artwork was comparable to standing naked before an arena. I was admitting to myself and to others the nature of my own truth and my own healing."
302 Gardenwood Dr
United States GA Atlanta


394 Boston Terrace
United States 06438 Branford

  Piney Woods d'Art

I take my inspiration from traditional subjects, using oil media on canvas.  I am primarily concerned with composition, light, and form.  I never allow my art to be subjugated to color schemes but seek and expect color harmony.  I hope you enjoy my works.
556 Maurice Drive
United States 30401 Swainsboro, GA, USA

  Figure Sculpture

Rod has been sculpting for 25 years and has been focusing on the figure for the past 22 years.
2004 Blue Heron rd.n.e.
United States 52317 No. Liberty

  figure sculpture

Rod has been sculpting for 25 years and has been focusing on the figure for the past 22 years.
2004 Blue Heron rd.n.e.
United States 52317 No. Liberty

  Randel Plowman

Intaglio Prints and Mixed Media Collage
300 Berry Ave. #4
United States 41073 Bellevue, KY

  Art of TC Weidner, Reality and Perspective

My art deals with Reality and Perspective by way of Science and Philosophy. I attempt to stir the imagination through vivid imagery, subtle symbolism, and an array of photographic and computer rendering techniques.
605 newton ave
United States 08107 oaklyn nj

  Carl Aldana

386 Ultimo Ave
United States 90814 Long Beach, CA

D'autres galeries sur Imediart, cliquez ici: Pages N° 1 2 3 4 5

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