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Welcome to IMEDIART 's on-line help.

To use the on-line help, click on the question that interests you to get the answer. If the question you want to ask is not in the list, contact the customer service by clicking on the button Contact us in the top menu.
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Buyers & Sellers

What type of browser should I use?  
To use IMEDIART to the full, you should use NETSCAPE or INTERNET EXPLORER version 4.0 or higher.

How does an auction work?
In general, an auction lasts a period of 1 to 15 days, depending on the period of time chosen by the seller when he puts an object on sale. The seller inicates a starting price or an opening price. The buyers make their bids in real time for the item. At the end of the sale, the five highest bidders and the seller are immediately informed of the results of the sale by an e-mail and on their page Your account . Then the seller and the buyers get in touch and, together, define the terms of payment and delivery.
During this phase,IMEDIART does not intervene any longer.

Why do I need to enrol?
Enrolling is a way of guaranteeing a safe place on the IMEDIART site for:

  • Buyers: Only members can put items up for auction
  • Sellers: Only members can bid for the items put up for auction
Enrolling is the only way of putting items up for sale and making bids. In addition, it will enable you to gain access to Your account and to other services.

I have lost my password or pseudo name. What can I do?
It's easy, under each identification area there is a button Forgotten password . Click on the button and follow the instructions.

How can I change my e-mail address?
Once your account has been activated, you can change your e-mail address. Go to Your account click on the button Modifying your account in the menu on the left.

How can I modify my personal information?
You can modify your personal information at any time, except for your pseudo, and the currency being used.
Click on the button Your account in the menu at the top then click on the button Modify your account in the menu on the left.

How can I modify my password?  
At any time, you can change your password Your account then click on the button Modify your account in the menu on the left.

What does setting the opening price consist of?  
This is the starting a price from which bidding will begin for a sale. The lower the opening price, the more users will be encouraged to bid for an item

Where can I get the results of my bidding? 
Go toYour account to consult all the current and previous bidding, the state of your sales and also, the five highest bids in a completed auction sale.

What do I do if I cannot reach my seller?  
If you cannot reach a seller or a winning bidder, contact the customer service by clicking the button Contact us at the bottom of each page.
Our customer support service will be delighted to help you get in touch with your seller.

How does delivery take place?  
IMEDIART is not involved in the delivery of objects that are sold. It is up to the buyer and the seller to agree about the terms of delivery.

How is payment made?  
Basically, the seller determines the type of payment and the rates. If this is not mentioned in the description of the item, then the buyer and seller will decide together on the terms of payment.

What do I do if I discover a bug on the IMEDIART site?
If you are confronted by a bug on our site, please contact us by clicking on the button Contact us at the bottom of each page, indicating the URL (a dress) of the page where you found the BUG and giving a description of it. We will deal with the problem.


How can I make a bid?  
If an article interests you, click it to see the details. On the description page for this article you can either:

  • make a bid in real time by clicking button Make a bid in the menu.
To gain access to this information, you must be an identified member.

Why can't I buy, even if I made the highest bid?
You have to wait for the bidding to end. You will be informed immediately via e-mail if you are among the five highest bidders. On Your account at any time, you can consult the position of your bidding.

Is it possible to withdraw a bid when it has been made? 
A bid cannot be withdrawn once it has been made.

What can I do if the seller refuses to sell his article after I have won the bidding?  
This almost never happens because, in general, sellers are eager to sell their goods. Should a seller refuse to sell his article, it would be in violation of the IMEDIART charter. In such a case, contact us by clicking the button Contact us at the bottom of each page. Our customer support service will be delighted to help you settle this conflict. If the seller will not change his/her mind IMEDIART can immediately apply an exclusion penalty to him/her.


How can I sell an item? 
Selling an item on IMEDIART is easy and fast. Be sure you have all the information needed to describe the item. Click on the button Selling in the menu on the left, choose the category that best suits the type of item and fill in the form. When you bidding is over, you will be informed immediately of the bidding results by e-mail and also on Your account. Please get in touch with the winning bidder within three days so as to discuss the conditions of delivery and payment.

How do I include images in the description of the item?  
It is highly recommended to include images in the description of your item. Buyers are then more disposed to put their trust in you if they can see the item before making a bid. Sales with photos generate more bids and get higher prices. You can use photos in any of the following formats: jpeg and gif; sized at less than 40K, or 250 pixels in width. To insert a photo, simply select the image by clicking on the button Browse when creating the description of the item.

How can I insert a photo if I don't have a scanner?
If you have a photo of the product you want to sell, but you don't have a scanner, there is no problem. Just go to any photo development shop with your original photo and ask them to scan it on diskette. The current rates are between FF 30 and FF40.

How do I know if my item has been sold?  
You have two options:

  1. Check your e-mail. After each sale, we will send you an e-mail message indicating the bid made for your sale..  
  2. Click on the button Your account Your account in the top menu. This will give you the list of the five best bidders for the completed sales.

How can I change the price of my article?
Once you have indicated a price, you can no longer change it during the bidding period. However, until bidding has started, you can change the price or the description of your item by clicking on the button Modify under each item appearing in the column Your sales for your account.

Can I stop an auction in progress?
Once the auction has begun, it is impossible to stop it.

What do I do if I entered an item into the wrong category?  
You cannot change categories once the item has been created.

What can I do if my item is not sold?
Once the bidding is over, you can redo your sale while attempting to modify the description, image or the bottom price so as to make your offer more attractive. Go to Your account, then click on the button. Modify under each item in the column Your sales .

What do I do if the winning bidder refuses to buy a the item?
A conflict of this type very rarely happens. In this case, you must send an additional E-mail to the buyer. If he does not give in, let us know by clicking on the button Contact us at the bottom of each page. We will then get in touch with the buyer, informing him that he was the winning bidder and that he is obliged to fulfill the contract in agreement with the immediate art charter. In the worst case, we you will be obliged to suspend or to close the buyer's account.

Your account

At most, how many objects can appear on my account?
There is no limit on the num of objects that can appear on your account.

Is it possible to put an object on sale several times consecutively?
Your can put an object on sales several times if it has not been sold but IMEDIART advises that you change the description and possibly the price, to make it more attractive.

Can I delete an object put up for sale?
Until bidding has started, you can remove an object put up for saleTant by clicking the button Delete.

How can I find out who the highest bidders for an object on sale are?
You can refer to the sale history at any time by clicking on the button History. When it is complete, you can refer to the list of the five highest bidders by clicking on the button The five highest bidders.

Is there a way of changing the opening brice once the auction has started?
There is no way of changing the starting price of an auction once the bidding is underway. However, until the sale has started, you can change the information, including the opening price, by clicking on the button Modify.

Can the seller prefer one buyer to another?
The seller is free to choose among the five highest bidders but preference has to go to the highest bid Le vendeur.

Is it possible to refuse a sale?
If you think the bidding has not reached the price you wanted or if you distrust the bidder, you can refuse the sale while explaining your reasons to the buyer.

How am I informed of the result of my bidding?
You will be informed of the bidding result by the list of purchases on your account and by an e-mail message.

Your gallery

How can visitors access my gallery?
Visitors can access your gallery by clicking on the button Gallery in the top menu then clicking on one of the three gallery categories .This brings them to the list of galleries in which your gallery appears, depending on your initial choice (Amateur gallery , Private collection , Professional gallery ).

What is the maximum number of items I can show in my gallery?
There is no limit on the number of items you can show.

Can I have an IMEDIART gallery if I am an art professional?
As art professional, (gallery owner, artist, antiquarian...) you are entitled to create a professional gallery in which you can not only exhibit your works but you can also sell them at auction, either in real time or at a set price.

Can the objects exhibited in my gallery be put on sale?
When you create your gallery, if you choose an amateur gallery or a private collection , you cannot sell the works shown directly from your gallery. Only professional galleries can do this.

What is the greatest length of time I can leave items on show in my gallery?
There is no imposed limit in the IMEDIART galleries. You can leave your works exhibited as long as you like. However, to arouse the interest of our visitors, we advise you to change the works regularly.

How to add an object?
To add an item to your gallery, click on the button Adding an item and follow the instructions. For the amateur galleries , you can add an item to be found among the pages of the section museums of IMEDIART by clicking on the button Adding to my gallery under the image of the work concerned.

How to erase an item?
To erase an item from your gallery, click on the button Delete under the image of the item concerned.

The museums

How many museums can I visit on IMEDIART ?
IMEDIART 's database contains around 450 museums referenced in the world. It is regularly updated. IMEDIART makes no claim at being exhaustive regarding the number of museums and the exhibited works. You can help us add to the database by contacting us if you notice a mistake or an omission of a work you deem to be important.

Can I refer to the particulars of various museums?
If you are unable to find the particulars of a museum, you can contact our customers service (by clicking on the button contact us at the bottom of each page) indicating the name of the museum and, if possible, the city. The IMEDIART team will be pleased to send them to you by e-mail.

Can I find a work by its name alone?
To find a museum or work by its name, you can use the search area of the menu on the left.

How do I make comments?
You can make comments about the museums or the exhibited works by contacting the customers service and clicking on the button Contact us at the bottom of each page.


How to place an advertisement?
To place an advertisement, click on Link Exchange on the top menu. Choose an advertisement type by clicking on the corresponding button and fill out the form with the title and description of your advertisement. IMEDIART automatically checks all the advertisements to avoid any illegal content from appearing although this is binding only on the authors.

How long will an advertisement stay on line with IMEDIART ?
There is no time limit on the publication of an advertisement with IMEDIART .

As a professional, is there a possibility of placing an advertisement on IMEDIART ?
If you are an art world professional and you want to place an ad on IMEDIART please contact the advertising office by clicking on the button Contact us at the bottom of each page.

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